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E Access Control specializes in Apartment Intercom Systems. Whatever your needs are, for your existing or new apartment intercom system, we have it. We carry replacement parts for Tektone Apartment Intercom Systems, Jeron Apartment Intercom Systems, Mircom Apartment Intercom Systems, Auth-Florence Apartment Intercom Systems, Graystone Apartment Intercom Systems, Aiphone Apartment Intercom Systems and Lee Dan Apartment Intercom Systems.

We also carry the complete line of Doorking Telephone Entry Access Control Systems and Telephone Intercoms for your home, commercial property, or apartment building. The Doorking Telephone Entry Access Control Systems are very user friendly and reliable. The Doorking Telephone Access Control System can be programmed with new tenant information from the key pad on the entry systems, your home telephone and even your cell phone.

The Doorking Models 1802, 1803 and 1808 Telephone Entry Access Control Systems are the perfect solution for your needs when you donít require a directory. The Doorking model 1810 Telephone Entry Systems is a very affordable unit and has a lighted, built-in directory. The Doorking model 1812 Telephone Intercom Access Control System is ideal for the home and integrates with all electric gate equipment. The Doorking models 1833, 1834 and 1835 Telephone Entry Access Control Systems have electronic directories and memory capacity of up to 3,000 tenants.

The Doorking 1834 and 1835 Telephone Entry Access Control Systems are PC programmable via telephone line or direct connection.

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