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We offer beautiful custom made stainless steel intercom entry panels with engraved numbering or name holders and stainless intercom room stations at affordable pricing.

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Stainless Steel Apartment Intercom Entry System Panel Packaged with Tektone Apartment Intercom Entry System Intercom Equipment.  RSC505 Apartment  Intercom Entry Panel, Tektone Apartment Intercom Entry System IR204E Intercom Stations, Tektone Apartment I

Custom Stainless Steel intercom entry panels are built to last.
Constructed with heavy duty 14-gauge, 304 stainless steel, these units are tough. With Stainless Steel
water resistant, Dust Proof, Dirt Proof, IP 67 rated Push Buttons, and mylar speaker this panel will stand
up to the harshest environments.Two-piece housing, base and cover for easy installation.
Available with plastic name holders or engraved apartment numbers.

Stainless Steel intercom entrance panels are weather resistant, hand-made in the U.S.A.
With push button rating of IP67 this affords the highest level of protection against dust and lint
(represented by the first digit 6) and immersion protection of up to 1 meter of freshwater for 30 minutes
(represented by the second digit 7)
These intercom entry panels are campatable with all open voice audio intercom systems.

Surface mounts and projects only 1" from surface. The lowest profile intercom entry panel to date.
3-year warranty.


Tektone Sound, Nurse Call, Apartment Intercom Entry, Emergency Call Systems
Tektone Sound & Signal specializes in high quality and affordable nurse call, apartment entry, wireless nurse/emergency call, radio pocket paging, area of rescue assistance systems, and alert integration systems that are used in an enormous number of applications. TekTone® ‘s line of nurse call systems includes everything from visual-analog to fully programmable microprocessor intercom systems. These systems are used as emergency call systems for elderly housing and apartments, small clinics and doctor’s offices, and panic alarms for retail and government facilities. They are also found in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, public and private.