Tektone SF301A/10 Call Cord, (10' with 1/4" Plug)
Tektone SF301A/10 Call Cord, (10' with 1/4" Plug)

Tektone SF301A/10 Call Cord, (10' with 1/4" Plug)

Code: SF301A_10_Tektone_Nurse_Call_Cord



Product Description

The TekTone SF301A (OEM 7700-10) Call Cord/Button Single 10’ is a helpful tool for communication in infirmaries, healthcare facilities, and nursing homes. Patients can feel secure by having this easy-to-use product by their bedside. After pressing the red button on the end of the SF301A, the nurse call system is then alerted of the need for assistance. The SF301A is safe for oxygen environments, is waterproof, and is extremely durable. A bed clip is attached to the cord to help prevent the button from being dropped. The SF301A includes a 7’ cord covered in polyvinyl.

In order for the TekTone SF301A to function, one of the following systems is required: Tek-CARE 500 Wireless Emergency Call System with SF530 Room Station, or Tek-CARE NC300II Nurse Call System with SF380A Patient Stations, or Tek-CARE NC200N or NC150N Nurse Call Systems with IR151B, or IR152B Patient Stations or Tek-CARE NC110N Nurse Call System with SF100C or SF102 Patient Stations. The connection of the SF301A is a ¼″ (6.35 mm) plug-in phono jack.