PK152 (PK152) Tektone Power and Control Unit
PK152 (PK152) Tektone Power and Control Unit

PK152 (PK152) Tektone Power and Control Unit

Code: PK152_Tektone



Product Description

Tektone PK152 (PK152) Power and Control Unit for NC110, NC150, NC200 Systems.
The power & control unit utilizes a transformer which steps down the 120 VAC input to
24 VAC, 30 VA, which is then rectified, filtered and regulated to provide a stable 24 VDC
for the rest of the system.
Control circuits are provided to detect the presence of normal or emergency calls and
to provide steady or intermittent voltages to operate external devices with indications
as follows:
Normal  calls  are  indicated  by  a  positive  voltage  applied  to  Terminal  R  by  the  calling 
remote station. Emergency calls are indicated by a positive voltage applied to terminal
Q by the calling remote station.