PK104B Tektone Intercom Amplifier replace with PK543A

PK104B Tektone Intercom Amplifier replace with PK543A

Code: PK104B_Tektone



Product Description

PK104B Tektone Intercom Amplifier replace with PK543A Tektone Intercom Control Amplifier.

The PK543A Apartment Intercom control amplifier is designed for use with 3-, 4- or 5-wire apartment stations.

It provides audio and entry functions Talk and Listen and Door between apartment units and the entry panel.


It is compatible with all 16 volt AC and DC, fail safe and fail secure electric door strikes.

24 volt strikes can be used with a Tri Volt Transformer 8, 16, 24 to power the system.

Also 24 volt AC or DC magnetic locks may be used in fail safe configuration.


Multiple entrances only require an additional PK502B Entrance Relay. This relay provides

independent audio and door functions between entry panels and apartment stations. Add one relay for each additional entry.


Call tone confirmation: When a visitor presses a unit call button on the entry panel a call

confirmation tone will be heard at the entry panel letting the visitor know the call was successful.


Voice and entry call volume are easily adjustable through the

screwdriver opening on the front of the amplifier.


Three selectable delayed door timing modes;

 Post office door lock release;

 Selectable talk before door interlock (available for 4 -wire stations only).

Dimensions: Height: 5.5″ (140 mm)
Width: 3.125″ (80 mm)
Depth: 2″ (51 mm)
Construction: Flame-retardant (UL® 94V-0) plastic
Amplification: Integrated Circuit amplifier including
amplifier with frequency response,
adjusted for ideal voice quality.
Call Tone: Integrated circuit oscillator with steady
and warble modes
Door Release: AC, DC or Maglock (12 VDC/24 VDC)
Controls: Voice Volume, Tone Volume and
Dipswitches for selectable modes
Connections: Polarized plug-in type
Power Required: 16 VAC, 10 VA