(NC601) Tek-Bridge System with LS601 Software

(NC601) Tek-Bridge System with LS601 Software

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Product Description

The NC601 Tek-BRIDGE® with Tek-ALERT® Software includes the software and hardware to install and run the Tek-ALERT® Integration Manager. When properly configured, the Tek-ALERT® Integration Manager receives events from monitored foreign systems (such as nurse call and fire alarm), and displays the events on its Event Monitor.

The monitored foreign system must be able to supply an accessible data stream via one of the following protocols: Serial (event printing, Scope paging, ContactID), COMPII, TAP, NC300/NC300II, HL7, TCP/IP, TCP/IP Listener, UDP or Centrak. Contact TekTone® if a protocol is not listed, as protocol libraries will grow.

Tek-BRIDGE® also supplies ports for a local area network (LAN) or the facility’s local area network (LAN) and the radio pocket paging system’s paging transmitter. Each monitored foreign system connects either to one of the unused serial ports, or to the LAN using a CT601 Serial to IP Converter.

Two options are available for connecting systems to the Tek-BRIDGE®:

• Up to four unused serial ports can each be configured to connect a monitored system directly to the TekBRIDGE® via a standard null modem serial cable. COM3 is reserved for the Tek-PAGING® paging transmitter. COM5 is unavailable. (Maximum cable length is 100′; use a PM368K Short Haul Modem Kit to extend the cable distance up to 2000′ using Cat5 cable.)

• Using the auxiliary ethernet port on the Tek-BRIDGE®, connect to a standalone LAN or to the facility’s local area network (LAN). Then connect each monitored foreign system or Tek-CARE® NC300/II to the LAN using a CT601 Serial to IP Converter.

Included Software
NC601 Tek-BRIDGE® with Tek-ALERT® Software includes these software modules:

• LS601 Tek-ALERT® Software License enables TekBRIDGE® to monitor one foreign system. Purchase an additional LS601 license for each additional foreign system to be monitored.

• LS576 Event Monitor displays all activity of monitored foreign systems on Tek-BRIDGE® with Tek-ALERT® Software.

• LS586 Remote Event Monitors display monitored foreign system activity. This software may be installed on up to nine of the facility’s personal computers (PCs) running Microsoft® Windows®, and networked to the Tek-BRIDGE® server. One license is included with the NC601 Tek-BRIDGE® with Tek-ALERT® Software. Purchase additional licenses separately as one license (LSMON1) or a block of five licenses (LSMON5).

• Tek-CARE® Reporting System records all nurse call activity, and provides custom reports on this activity for followup review and evaluation by management. Reports are viewed using a web browser (such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer). They may also be printed, saved as HTML files for later viewing in a web browser, or saved as CSV files for viewing in a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft® Excel).

Tek-CARE® Reporting can be accessed via a web browser by any computer networked to the Tek-BRIDGE®.

• LS450 Config Tool is used to set up and customize Tek-BRIDGE® with Tek-ALERT® Software, and to save the system configuration.

Optional Software Available separately, these optional software modules run on Tek-BRIDGE®, adding ancillary features to Tek-ALERT® Integration Manager.

• LS453 Email Output enables the Tek-BRIDGE® to automatically send email and text messages in response to monitored events. Events can be sent to anything that has an email gateway—for example, sending an SMS message to a cellphone. The LS453 Email Output software also enables the Tek-CARE® Reporting System to automatically send reports via email.

• LS301 Tek-CARE® NC300/II Connection enables the Tek-BRIDGE® to monitor one nurse call system. Purchase an LS302 license for each additional Tek-CARE® NC300/II system to be monitored.

• LS400 Tek-CARE®400 Connection Software enables the Tek-BRIDGE® to monitor Tek-CARE®400 nurse call system activity.

• LS501ES Tek-CARE®500 Connection Software allows the Tek-BRIDGE® to act as the master station computer for our wireless emergency call system. It also enables use of the NC502 PC-Alarm Panel to auto dial a central monitoring facility.

• LS701K Tek-CARE®700 Software plus Starter Kit enables the Tek-BRIDGE® to display and store events from the wander management system.

Optional Components Software:

• LS601 Tek-ALERT® Software License (one per additional monitored system interface)

• LSMON1 One Remote Event Monitor License

• LSMON5 Five Remote Event Monitor Licences

• LS453 Email Output software

• LS301 First Tek-CARE®NC300/II Connection Software (requires Tek-CARE®NC300/II hardware)

• LS302 Additional Tek-CARE®NC300/II Connection Software (requires Tek-CARE®NC300/II hardware)

• LS400 Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System Connection (requires Tek-CARE®400 hardware)

• LS501ES Tek-CARE®500 EchoStream Connection (requires Tek-CARE®500 ES hardware)

• LS701K Tek-CARE®700 Software plus Starter Kit (requires Tek-CARE®700 hardware)

• CT601 Serial to IP Converter

• PM368K Short Haul Modem Kit

Tek-PAGING® UHF Pocket Paging System: • NC365B Paging Transmitter

• NC397A Alphanumeric Pagers