Tektone NC369 (NC369) Paging Transmitter
Tektone NC369 (NC369) Paging Transmitter

Tektone NC369 (NC369) Paging Transmitter

Code: NC369_Tektone



Product Description

Tektone NC369 (NC369) Paging Transmitter receives alphanumeric messages and patient Call information via serial interface, and transmits the information directly to pagers. Information is sent to the transmitter at 9600 baud to minimize bottlenecks. Up to 1000 pager IDs are supported. Programming is simple using a PC or laptop and web-based programming screens. Dip switches are also available on the unit for minor onsite setup. Range depends upon the site and the transmitter’s location. To determine the exact coverage, conduct a site survey. Estimate a range of up to one mile under ideal conditions. The unit includes a ¼-wave BNC-terminated antenna to provide coverage that meets most requirements.

Dimensions: 2.7" × 10" × 8" (6.86 cm × 25.4 cm × 20.32 cm)
Option: CA133 Mo-pole antenna adds about 25% to the
transmission footprint, and includes 10 feet of cable.