(LS601) Tek-Alert Software License is Required for each monitored system
(LS601) Tek-Alert Software License is Required for each monitored system

(LS601) Tek-Alert Software License is Required for each monitored system

Code: LS601_Tektone



Product Description

Our new alert integration manager imports events and messages from one or more monitored systems and displays them together in one place! The new Tek-ALERT™ Integration Manager by TekTone® allows a facility to seamlessly integrate calls and activities from all systems, and route those calls to the appropriate caregiver. By integrating hard-wired nurse call, wireless nurse/emergency call, fire alarms, security systems and access control systems, Tek-ALERT™ Integration Manager provides a facility with a single point to manage staffing, patient safety and maintenance. Tek-ALERT™ features include:
Integrates our Tek-CARE® NC110 nurse call system with our Tek-CARE®400 and Tek-CARE®500 systems. Unifies calls and alarms from multiple systems so staff can carry just one pager or wireless phone. Uses our familiar Event Monitor display. Can be a standalone system. Calls and alarms are automatically sent to staff pagers and wireless phones. Email notification of all calls and alarms (optional add-on). Send manual text messages to any system pager or phone. Use the included Tek-CARE® Reporting System to create custom reports on calls and alarms from all integrated systems.

The LS601 software uses user-defined rules to receive data, parse it, and apply filters to place calls on Tek-ALERT™'s event monitor and remote event monitors. Configuration is performed using TekTone®'s LS450 Config Tool programming software. The monitored foreign system must supply an accessible data stream via one of the following protocols: serial (event printing, scope paging, contactID), COMP2, or TAP. Contact TekTone® for the availability of additional protocols, as this library is constantly expanding. Each LS601 software license provides the interface for one monitored foreign device (and includes one CT601 Serial to IP Converter). Add one LS601 for each additional monitored foreign device interface. The LS601 may also be used to add foreign device monitoring to the Tek-CARE®500 NC501ES Master Station Computer or the Tek-CARE®400 Tek-BRIDGE™ PC (order one LS601 for each monitored foreign device interface).