IR019B Tektone Remote Tone Speaker,With Tone Off Button/Light

IR019B Tektone Remote Tone Speaker,With Tone Off Button/Light

Code: IR019B-Tektone



Product Description

The IR019B Remote Tone Speaker provides remote tone annunciation when connected directly to a PK2019A Power & Control Unit, and in parallel with a TekTone® CM800- series or DS100-series Annunciator Panel. The tone speaker features a momentary contact tone-off button for tone silencing. Depressing the tone-off button silences the tone at all IR019B locations. The tone-off light remains illuminated while tone-silencing is enabled. When the emergency initiating device has been reset, the tone-off will automatically reset.

Dimensions: Height: 4.5″ (115 mm)
Width: 4.5″ (115 mm)
Finish: Satin brushed stainless steel
Controls: Individual replaceable push button with self-wiping contacts
Indicators: 28 volt red light
Speaker/Mic: 45-ohms, 2.5″
Connections: Pigtails
Housing: Standard 2-gang electrical box

Required Components
CM800 Emergency Call System
DS100 Door Sentry & Emergency Alarm System
PK2019A Power & Control Unit
SS106 Transformer