Apartment Intercom System, Hudson Series Panel 405/15/P ( 15" H x 6.25" W ) 2 to 8 Buttons w/Postal

Apartment Intercom System, Hudson Series Panel 405/15/P ( 15" H x 6.25" W ) 2 to 8 Buttons w/Postal

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Product Description

Hudson Series 405/15/P Beautiful Stainless Steel Entry Panels are built to last.
Constructed of 14 gauge stainless steel, these units are tough. With stainless steel water proof, dust proof, dirt proof IP 67 rated push buttons, postal assembly, mylar speaker with plastic name holders or engraved apartment numbers, this panel will stand up to the harshest environments. Two-piece housing, base and cover for easy installation. Surface mounts and projects only 1" from surface.

The lowest profile entry panel to date.

15" High, 6.25" Wide, 1" Deep

Available with Plastic Name Holders or Engraved Apartment Numbers.

Package Includes
  • 405/15/P Hudson Series Entry Panel with Push Buttons, Speaker, Postal Assembly, Name Holders or Engraved Apartment Numbers.
  • Pacific Electronics 3404 Intercom Stations
  • Pacific Electronics AF1000 Intercom Control Amplifier
  • UB1640 Plug-in Type 16 Volt 40VA Transformer with Overload Auto Reset Protection
Additional System requirement
  • Electric Door Strike, 16 Volt AC or DC
Due to the variety of doors and gates we do not include a door strike in our packaged systems. Please contact E Access Control Technical Support 866-503-2298 if you need assistance choosing the correct strike for your application.

Pacific Electronics 3404 4-wire Apartment Intercom Station, White plastic with Braille. Surface mounts right on wall, or on a single gang electrical box or mud-ring. Features tamper resistant mounting screws, durable high-impact, flame retardant fog white ABS plastic. The 3404 Pacific four wire system allows for two-way conversation between an apartment. and a building entrance. A visitor initiates a call to an apartment using a push-button on the lobby panel. The tenant pushes the talk and listen buttons on the apartment station alternately to communicate with the visitor. The tenant may allow the visitor to enter by pushing the door button on the apartment suite station. 
Dimensions: 7"Height, 6" Width, 1-3/16" Depth
Wiring Requirements For 4 Wire Stations-
 Three common wires and one unique signal wire per apartment.

AF1000 Pacific Electronics Intercom Control Amplifier is a versatile single entry model universal amplifier for use with 3,4,5 or 6 wire speaker type stations. The AF1000 provides amplification control, signaling,
and power circuitry to operate a complete apartment intercom system.

UB1640 16 Volt AC , 40VA  Plug-in Type Transformer.with Auto Reset
Auto Reset is a great safty feature. If the power terminals are shorted it will turn off until the short is removed. Additionally pulg-in type transformers can be pluged into a surge protector.