(CT601) Tek-Alert Serial to IP Converter

(CT601) Tek-Alert Serial to IP Converter

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Product Description

The CT601 Serial to IP Converter is used to connect a TekCARE® NC300/II nurse call system or a monitored foreign system to a facility’s LAN. Events and messages from the connected system are sent across the LAN to either an NC385 Tek-MMARS®300 or a Tek-BRIDGE™ running TekALERT™ Software.
The CT601 Serial to IP Converter becomes a virtual COM port on the Tek-MMARS®300 or Tek-BRIDGE™, and provides long distance communication between it and the monitored serial device.
The CT601 eliminates the otherwise expensive long-distance cabling required for these connections. Configuring the CT601 is accomplished using software provided with the device. The unit can be wall or DIN-rail mounted. The CT601 incorporates surge protection.


Serial Port: Male DB9 serial port, 1200 bps to 115 Kbps, hardware flow control

RS232 Signals: Rx, Tx, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, GND, DCD

Network Port: 10Base-T Ethernet

Protocols: ARP, IP/ICMP, TCP/IP, Telnet, DHCP client, DNS

Security: User ID & Password, IP Address filtering

Power: 7.5 ~ 15VDC, 300mA 7.5V

Environment: 90% non-condensing humidity; 0˚C ~ 50˚C operating temperature.

Dimensions: 3.9″×2.8″×1.0″ (100mm×72mm×25mm)
Certification: FCC (A), CE, MIC

CT601 Serial to IP Converter

Required Components One of the following:

• NC385 Tek-MMARS®300 Management Monitoring and Reporting System

• NC470 Tek-BRIDGE™ with Tek-CARE®400 Software

• NC501ES Tek-BRIDGE™ with Tek-CARE®500 Software

• NC601 Tek-BRIDGE™ with Tek-ALERT™ Software

Plus one for each monitored system:

• LS302 Tek-CARE® NC300/II Connection License –or– • LS601 Tek-ALERT™ Software License>