Auth 5 Wire intercom Replace With Pacific 3406 Station

Auth 5 Wire intercom Replace With Pacific 3406 Station

Code: Auth_5



Product Description

Auth-Florence 5 Wire Intercom Station Dimensions: 4 3/4" X 4 3/4"

Wiring: Connect the red wire on the old station to the
( C ) terminal on the 3406 room station. Yellow to the ( PT ),
brown to the ( T ), and black to the ( SIG ) terminal.
Install jumper wire between the ( C ) and ( - ) terminals
on the 3406 station.

If you find a 5 screw terminal strip and you can still
read the labeling Common connects to ( C ), 3 to ( PT ),
2 to ( T ), 1 to ( D ) and signal to ( SIG ).

This station comes with a adaptor plate that mounts to the existing double gang ring. The new station mounts to the new adaptor plate.

Pacific Electronics 3406 intercom 5 or 6 Wire Intercom system is designed for upgrading existing systems and for new construction up to 200 apartments. In new construction, the Pacific 3406 intercom is the best choice for high-quality, low-maintenance system.

System Operation -
Pacific 3406 intercom System allows for two-way conversation between an apartment and a building entrance. A visitor initiates a call to an apartment using a push-button on the lobby panel. The tenant pushes the talk and listen buttons on the apartment station alternately to communicate with the visitor. The tenant may allow the visitor to enter by pushing the door button on the apartment station.

Pacific Electronics 3406 intercom allows the tenant to hold the Listen Button while pressing the Door Button to allow access for their visitor.

Wiring Requirements For 3406 Intercom Stations- Four or Five common wires and one unique signal wire per apartment

Dimensions: 7"Height, 6" Width , 1-3/16" Depth