3022_Auth_Visual Corridor Light 24 VAC  with (2 Lamps)

3022_Auth_Visual Corridor Light 24 VAC with (2 Lamps)

Code: 3022_Auth_Corridor_Light



Product Description

3022 (3022) Auth, Auth Electric, Auth Florence Nurse Call / Emergency Call System Corridor Light, Single Gang (2 Lamps). Corridor lights available with 1, 2, or 3 lamps furnished with steel segment dividers for individual light separation. The shatterproof, wedge-shaped, translucent dome snaps into a stainless steel faceplate for ease of lamp replacement and concealment of mounting screws. 

Voltage: 24 VAC

Double Gang: 4 9/16" x 4 1/2"

Face Plate: Double gang stainless steel.

Mounting minimum back depth is 1 5/8" to the required standard back box.

Lamp Used: GE 1829 Bayonet base type or equivalent.

302 series is used in the EC7 and NC7 nurse call / emergency call systems.