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SF503UL Neck Lanyard Pendant
    SF503UL Neck Lanyard Pendant
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    • SKU: SF503UL
      SF503UL Neck Lanyard Pendant

    • $199.29


    The SF503UL Neck Lanyard Pendant feature the great range

    and reliability of 900 MHz in a small, waterproof package.

    The pendants can be worn in the shower or bathtub, outside

    in the rain, or other environments where they may be splashed

    with water or momentarily submerged.


    The pendants have a single-button design with “press and

    one-second hold” activation, making them very easy to

    use but very resistant to false alarms. When a pendant is

    activated, it vibrates briefly and its red LED blinks rapidly

    for five seconds, then blinks slowly until the alarm is cleared.


    Alarms may be cleared by placing an RP500 Alarm Clearance

    Card over the button, or by a sequence of button presses.

    The pendant transmitters are especially suited for assisted

    living installations. They feature a fully supervised RF

    link to ensure reliability. The built-in LED flashes with all

    transmissions, including supervision, so the user can see

    that the transmitter is still functioning.
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