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Tektone intercom and apartment intercom equipment and technical support. Packaged intercom systems, tektone intercom stations, tektone intercom power packs and controls, tektone intercom entry panels and replacement parts.

Tektone Intercoms / Apartment Intercom / Intercom Entry Systems

Tektone Sound & Signal specializes in high-quality and affordable apartment intercom entry equipment.

These systems are known by many names, Apartment intercom, Door intercom, door buzzer, intercom system, intercom access control system, and many more.

There are five components, an intercom entry panel, an intercom suite station, an intercom control amplifier power pack, a 16-volt transformer, and an electric door strike.

The intercom entry panel is made up of four components. Entry panel and frame, entry panel speaker, apartment call buttons, and if needed a postal lock assembly.

Intercom room stations usually have three buttons, Talk, Listen, and Door. This allows for communication to the intercom entry panel when a visitor presses an apartment call button.

To allow the visitor to enter the building the apartment resident would press the Door button.