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• UL® 1069 Listed
• Routine audible-visual signaling
• Emergency audible-visual signaling
• Voice communication and monitoring
• Push button operation
• Nurse-follow capability
• Modular design
• Integrated circuit technology

The basic Tek-CARE®NC150 series Audio/Visual Nurse Call System consists of patient calling stations; emergency call stations; a master intercom/annunciator station including amplifier, dome lights, zone lights; and reliable, solid-state control and power supply equipment.

The flexible, modular design permits simple, customized installation.

Emergency signals are distinctively identified by a rapid pulsating of all visual and audible signals associated with the calling station. If routine and emergency calls are present simultaneously, emergency signaling is given precedence. Emergency audible signals can only be canceled at the point of origin. Sensitive two-way voice communication, Nurse Follow, Tone-Off, Tone Call functions are push button selected.

Optional equipment is available to provide for staff stations, duty stations, remote visual annunciator, master handset, and a third priority level annunciation.

Required Components
NC150-series Master Station Panel
AM150-series Add-on Panel with station selector/light buttons and test button
OF200-series Frame
OH200-series Housing
IH151NK Power and Control Kit

Optional Components
TA150N Handset Panel IH300-series Desk Cabinet
OH300-series Surface Housing
PK124K Battery Backup Kit
PK153 Third Priority Control Unit