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Pacific Electronics Intercom Systems complete line of products. Stations, amplifiers, entry panels and replacement parts.

Pacific intercom 3403, Pacific intercom 3404, Pacific intercom 3406 Apartment Intercom Entry System Room Stations combine modern styling with ease of operation to provide natural, clear voice communication, positive door-release operation. Pacific Electronics intercom stations are equipped with momentary-action push buttons for talk, listen and door operation.

Pacific Electronics Intercom Entry Room Stations features attractive flame-retardant ABS plastic faceplates are Surface mounted and blend with any setting. Advanced circuitry and versatility permit use in large or small buildings, with one or several entrances.

Wiring Pacific Intercom Entry Room Stations is just 2 common and 1 selective wires for the Pacific 3403 intercom, Pacific 3404 intercom; 3 common and 1 selective wire and 4 or 5 common and 1 selective wires for the Pacific 3406 intercom. Connections are screw terminals on all pacific intercom stations.

Pacific Electronics Intercom Entry Systems offer a wide variety of optional accessories, available to provide additional functions, such as multiple entrance operation and post office door release.

Pacific Electronics Entry Panels may be configured to accommodate 3-, 4, 5 or 6-wire speaker-type apartment stations, or handset-type apartment stations. Choose an alphabetical directory panel protected by a clear Lexan® lens, or individual name holders beside each button. Then choose a custom-sized 4-wire stainless steel apartment station, or a handset-type apartment station. Or select one of our 3-, 4, 5 or 6-wire speaker-type ABS plastic apartment stations in flush or surface mount.

Pacific Electronics Apartment Intercom entrance panel options include surface or flush mount, postal release, and engraved buttons.

Pacific intercom amplifier AF1000 is a self-contained unit not requiring an external amplifier. AF1000 Pacific intercom amplifier works with Pacific intercom 3403 three wire station, Pacific intercom 3404 four wire station and Pacific intercom 3406 five or six wire station.

Pacific intercom amplifier AF1000 provides amplification, control and power circuits needed to operate the entire apartment intercom system. Pacific intercom amplifier AF1000 features integrated circuit amplification, circuit call tone oscillator supporting steady and warble tone modes. Voice volume control and tone volume at amplifier are easily adjusted through screwdriver slot on the front of the amplifier.

Pacific intercom amplifier Af1000 replacement for older Auth Florence series type amplifiers. AC door release with delayed door timing capabilities. Steady and warble tone options identify entrance panel call to apartment station.

Pacific intercom amplifier Af1000 is compatible with Pacific intercom 3403 three wire station, Pacific intercom 3404 four wire station and pacific intercom 3406 five or six wire station, Pacific intercom 2401VR and Pacific Intercom 2411NVR.