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Tektone Tek-SAFE® Area of Rescue Assistance System is an emergency intercom system that allows people who are unable to reach safety by themselves to summon assistance from rescue personnel. Tektone Tek-SAFE® meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for area of rescue assistance systems (previously called area of refuge systems). Check local codes for additional requirements.
Tektone Tek-SAFE® provides audio communication between area of rescue remote call stations (in protected stairwells) and the building lobby. Calls are indicated at the lobby master station by both visual and audible signals. The master station has sensitive 2-way communication to the remote call stations, and can also initiate call tones to them. The standard NC150R master station accommodates up to 8 remote call stations; other sizes may be special ordered.

Tektone DS100 is a zoned, audible-visual alarm-indicating system designed to monitor doors, windows, or any device that uses open or closed contact switches, including momentary emergency push buttons. Interruption or making of a circuit will cause the specific light indicator to latch on at the master panel and generate an alarm tone which may be silenced without cancelling the visual signal. The visual signal can only be reset at the master.

Tektone PK2019A Power & Control Unit provides power, control and signaling circuits, plus a normally open and a normally closed auxiliary contact. Using a PK2019A provides a full form “C” dry contact. Screw terminals are provided for wire termination. The PK2019A Power & Control Unit is surface mount, and is enclosed in an extruded aluminum case.

Tektone CM800-series Annunciators are modular panels, permitting use in systems requiring from 16 to 344 annunciator lamps. Tektone CM800 is suitable for use in emergency call, security alarm, services monitoring, and similar applications where visual and audible annunciation is required. (If audible indication is not needed, specify when ordering.) Identification markings are easily applied by dry transfer letter method or label maker.

Tektone Emergency Call Systems