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TekTone ® ’s NC110A Audible-Visual Nurse Call Annunciator/ Control Panel provides for audible and visual call indication without the use of intercom communications. A basic nurse call system may consist of an NC110A annunciator/control panel, room call stations, emergency call stations, dome lights, zone lights, control unit and power supply equipment. Emergency signals are identified at the annunciator/control panel by a rapid flashing of the associated station indicator LED, call LED and emergency LED; in addition to a rapid pulsating tone. Routine calls are indicated by the steady illumination of the station selector LED, call LED, and a slow pulsating tone. The tone may be canceled for routine calls by depressing the tone on/off button. Emergency calls take precedence over Routine calls. Emergency call signals can be canceled at point of origin only. Tone on/off and tone test functions are button selectable from the control panel, and three levels of tone volume are button selectable with LED indication. Indicator LEDs signal the presence of Emergency or Routine calls. The NC110A has a capacity of 50 selector points. All selector LEDs, indicator LEDs and control buttons are included on a membrane-type switch mounted on a telephone-sized plastic housing. A normally open isolated relay contact output for ancillary off-board call handling is also included.