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PK543A Amplifier Installation Instructions and Wiring

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PK543A Amplifier Installation Instructions and Wiring Tektone Tek-ENTRY Intercom Entry System.

Apartment Entry Intercoms provide two-way communications between the building entrance and each suite. Hands-free loudspeaker operation at the entrance/lobby panel and push button controlled communication at the suite/apartment locations provide for effortless operation. Controlled door entry is permitted by push button operation at the suite in conjunction with electric door release.
Optional equipment is available to provide additional functionality, such as post office key door release, additional entrance panels, strobe light call indication (LI404B) and auxiliary relay (RY014B) for ancillary device operation (bells, lights, etc.).

1. Read installation instructions to determine equipment location and installation methods. 2. Install housings (or back boxes) and wiring. 3. Check wiring, connect and install equipment. 4. Apply power and check operation.

Equipment Location
Suite/Apartment Stations
Locate suite stations (also known as remote stations) where convenient for use. Install a housing or back box at the desired location.

Entrance/Lobby Panel
Use an OH190 series housing and OF190 series frame for flush wall mounting. Use an OF190S series frame for surface mounting. Locate the entrance panel where it is sheltered from weather.

PK543A Amplifier
Install the amplifier inside the entrance panel only when the entry panel is inside in an entry foyer and not exposed to weather. When the entry panel is mounted outside, install PK543 in another location.

Wiring Suite/Apartment Stations
Stations may be connected in risers using the following cable configurations:
3-wire stations: 1 twisted pair #22 AWG, plus 1 conductor #22 AWG per station in riser.
4-wire stations: 1 twisted pair #22 AWG, plus 1 conductor #22AWG, plus 1 conductor #22 AWG per station in riser.
5-wire stations: 1 twisted pair #22 AWG, plus 2 conductor #22 AWG, plus 1 conductor #22 AWG per station in riser.

The maximum cable length is 400 feet (120 meters). Additional risers may be added as needed. Station cables must not be run in the same conduit with (or too close to) electrical wiring or background music, and must not be close to fluorescent lighting or other electrical equipment. Failing to observe this requirement can result in noise entering the intercom audio. Ensure that sufficient amounts of cable are left in the back box to make connections to stations.

Cable wiring must be 2 conductor #18 AWG with a maximum cable length of 80 feet (25 meters). If using #14 AWG wire, this distance can be extended to 200 feet (60 meters). Route cable away from suite station wiring and maintain a minimum of 3 feet (1 meter) of clearance between the transformer and the amplifier.

Door Release Cable wiring must be 2 conductor #18 AWG with a maximum length of 50 feet (15 meters). See Figure 2 on page 5 for specifics of each door control unit configuration. Note: An SS106 transformer must be used for 24 VAC doorstrike and 12 VDC Maglock applications (8 Volt tap required).

Before connecting to unit and applying power, verify that wires are free from shorts and grounds. Make connections as per Figure 1 on page 4

. Observe the following notes:
1. Do not apply power to the transformer primary until the entire system has been installed and checked for shorts and grounds. The common wires connecting to terminals 1, 2, 3, E and 5 must show open circuit when tested with an ohmmeter.
2. Use twisted pair wiring as shown. Do not inter change wires or reverse polarity.
3. Install PK543A amplifier inside the entrance panel when using OH190 series housing. If it is necessary to install the amplifier elsewhere due to temperature extremes (operating temperature range is 0–30°C) or because the entrance panel is not large enough to house the amplifier, then use a 2 Conductor shielded cable for the entrance panel speaker (connect shield drain to amplifier terminal G).
4. The amplifier must be located at least 3 feet (1 meter) from the transformer or other electrical devices.
5. Do not run wiring for station common wires and entrance panel speaker in the same cable and/or conduit. This will cause feedback on the system.
6. Door release wiring should be run separate from entrance panel speaker wiring.

Shunt and Dipswitch Settings
Set the dipswitches on the PK543A as per application requirements. See also Figure 4 on page 7.
The select-able features and controls are as follows: Shunt JP5
Install for maglock applications. Maximum current for maglock is 500 mA at 12 VDC, or 250 mA at 24 VDC.
Shunt J2
Place shunt across: 1–2 for doorstrike applications; 2–3 for maglock applications Shunt J1
Place shunt across: 1–2 for +12 VDC maglock; 2–3 for +24 VDC maglock or AC/DC doorstrike applications

Short Door Time Set SW1 to ON (right) and SW2 to OFF (left), 2 seconds
Medium Door Time Set SW1 to OFF (left) and SW2 to ON (right), 10 seconds
Long Door Time Set SW1 to OFF (left) and SW2 to OFF (left), 25 seconds

Entrance Tone Set SW3 to ON (right) to activate this feature (must use warble Treminal ZW)

Postal Timer
Set SW4 to ON (right) and SW5 to OFF (left) to make postal control timer independent at 25 seconds
PK543 Compatible
Set SW4 to OFF (left) and SW5 to ON (right) for PK543 drop-in replacement* Door Hold Time Out
Set SW6 to OFF (left) to activate this feature
Talk Interlock Set SW7 to OFF (left) to activate this feature (available for 4-wire stations only)

For PK543 Compatible mode, set SW4 OFF, SW5 ON, SW6 ON & SW7 ON. Also remove JP5 shunt, set J2 to shunt 1–2 and set J1 shunt to 2–3.

The Entrance Tone setting, when active, will generate a user feedback tone at the entrance panel when users press call buttons. If the warble tone is in use and the entrance tone feature is active, the tone will also be heard through the entrance panel speaker when the call button is pressed.

The Door Hold Time Out setting, when active, will allow the door control device (doorstrike, maglock, etc.) to time out normally, despite the door button being held at the suite.

Safety Tip: The Talk Interlock setting, when active, will require that the talk button (at the suite) is pressed before the door button will activate the door control device.

Optional Accessories
Install optional accessories according to the instructions provided.

Finish & Test Installation
1. Confirm that all equipment is properly installed.
2. Connect power to transformer primary (120 VAC), and ensure that local electrical codes have been complied with.
3. At the entrance panel, push each button and verify that the correct suite is called.
4. At each suite, push the talk and listen buttons to communicate with a person at the entrance panel. Then push the door button to confirm that the door release operates correctly.

Voice Volume and Tone Volume can be adjusted on the amplifier, via the access hole, with a small screwdriver.

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